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Emy celebrating the 10th Anniversary of So Jealous!

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So Jealous Anniversary posts

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Happy 10 Years Anniversary to teganandsara's So Jealous!
I made a 3D box set, that I gave to Tegan and Sara, complete with guitar pics and red felt hearts to recreate the album cover. I also created a piece of artwork based on a lyric from each song, and designed a So Jea10us logo.

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September 14, 2014 marks the 10th anniversary of the release of Tegan and Sara’s 4th studio album, So Jealous. One of the most beloved Tegan and Sara records of all time by fans, songs from So Jealous were featured on tv shows like Grey’s Anatomy and The L Word. Let’s celebrate this day by listening to this fantastic record! #SoJealous10

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Taylor Swift Dancing - Behind The Scenes Footage - [LIVE from the 56th Annual Grammy Awards]

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Uhm im sorry but look at how Sara’s arm, not hand but aaaarrrm, is on Tegan’s shoulder. I don’t know why but im dying

it’s so careless-like. I mean they usually just have a hand on each other’s shoulders or Tegan, i repeat, Tegan’s arm is around Sara’s shoulders. And it’s Sara doing it in this picture

you rarely see Sara have her arm around Tegan

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